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The CBD Research Group was formed by a group of scientists wishing to spread the knowledge of what is actually know through research about CBD. The research group has compiled a list of research that demonstrates the potential benefits of CBD on specific ailments. Please be aware that we have excluded research papers that flip flop on the subject and research papers that underlie mechanisms which may be to technical for the average person to decipher. These research papers were used because they have a free viewing platform allowing you to read the full article. Articles that highlight the effects based on animal models were not accounted for, as the articles provided are intended to provide research conducted with actual human beings. These articles are geared toward CBD research, some articles may contain research conducted with THC in conjunction with CBD. All research has been conducted through the National Institute of health. Please read the pubmed disclosure located on the policy page.

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If We Can Heal Each Other We Can Heal The World

We are first and foremost scientists, with a passion for healing. The CBD Research group is compromised of scientists who have worked both research positions and cannabis extraction positions. Our goal is to further research in Cannabinoids and provide people suffering with accurate information.

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